Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Ups and Down of Birdwatching

In the kitchen, as usual, photographing some birds at the feeders when I happened to look over towards my pond. There to my amazement was a Kingfisher. The first I have seen anywhere for over fifty years and the last sort of bird I expected to see around here. There was no mistaking the bright orange - red breast and brilliant blue head and back. I slowly turned the camera towards it and just as it came into the viewfinder it flew off. All in all I was really pleased to see it but really disappointed at missing the chance to photograph it. I can but hope that it will come back another day. Now to see what food to put out to attract it and place a feeder near where it was perched on a dwarf weeping tree only three feet above the ground and right next to the pond.

Having looked around it would seem that the only things to attract the Kingfisher back will be small fish (they tend to breed well in the pond) and plenty of aquatic insects (which also do pretty well).

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