Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow ... What Snow?

Here in my part of Lincolnshire we have had very little snow so far, less than half an inch and some parts of the garden have none. Just before dusk yesterday I made sure all the bird feeders were topped up as such dire weather had been forecast and they kept mentioning Lincolnshire as an area likely to be badly affected. When I got up at 7 this morning I was surprised to see so little snow on the ground. The birds were already helping themselves to breakfast. Bobby took me for my morning walk and then I cleared out the ice and old water from the bird bath as that was frozen over. I topped it up with slightly warm water so it would not freeze again too quickly. There has been a steady stream of all the usual bird visitors and 'Squirrel Nutkins' who makes an appearance from time to time. S/he will either attack the peanut feeder or search out some sunflower seeds.

Grey Squirrel

There was no sign of activity in the tit nest box last night. I am beginning to think that it has made a roost elsewhere and has been using the wood shavings it took from the box to make it cosy.

Later ...
Good news - shortly before dusk the Blue Tit made a brief visit to the nest box. It was probably sheltering from the fine sleet which had been falling for about an hour. It spent most of the time in the entrance hole which is about 1.5 inches (4cm) deep. I could see its tail on the nest box camera and its beak on the external camera.


  1. There's plenty of snow here in South Yorkshire... with even more forecast overnight.

  2. It's been drizzling with rain all evening and the garden is clear of snow here now. I just hope it doesn't freeze or I'll need ice skates for the morning dog walk.


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