Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Usual Garden Visitors

Nothing exciting today, just the usual garden visitors and me playing with the computer and some bits of video. I think I've got everything about as good as it will go at the moment.

Just a bit more experimental video of some of the regulars in the garden: Chaffinch, Magpie with Jackdaw, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Starling and Sparrows.

The juvenile Blackbird is getting about a bit more and has been practicing flying between some bare branches in a dead tree. I haven't seen the juvenile Greenfinch but did briefly spot a juvenile Sparrow so many of the locals have been busy bringing up their broods. Today the adult Greenfinches visited more often so I think they are recovering now the brood has fledged.

Last night the large Hedgehog was about and Bobby went and gave it a quick inspection, twice, at bedtime.


  1. A nice piece of video John. I'm glad the juvenile Blackbird is doing well and that Bobby is keeping an eye on the Hedgehog. ;-)

  2. Very enjoyable video. Thanks for naming all the birds as the only one I recognize is the sparrow!

  3. Thanks Jan. So far the young Blackbird has been doing very well and it has been nice to be able to observe it day by day.
    Bobby expects to meet a Hedgehog every night now.

    Thanks Mick. When I was writing it suddenly dawned on me that just because they are common visitors for me that didn't mean everyone in the world would know what they are.
    At the moment the filming is done from indoors and the camera can only use its built in microphone so I get no sounds to go with the clips which is a pity.

  4. Another entertaining video, MJ. Looks like the Magpie and the Jackdaw are rehearsing a litle dance number.

  5. All's well in the garden John.
    Good to know the juvenile Blackbird is doing well.
    Looking at the video, I'm sure that Starling didn't even taste that seed :)

  6. Seems all your efforts with your film making are paying dividends John. When I watched them initially, the film would stop and start. It flows very well now.

    It's great that the hedgehog is now a regular visitor and glad that Bobby is checking on it regularly!

  7. Thanks Rob. The Magpie and Jackdaw were a funny couple. They were so nervous, constantly on the look out for the slightest movement.

    Hi Keith. Now you know why bird feeders empty so quickly when Starlings are about. Seeds they don't want they throw out, the rest - well it's like having a feathery vacuum cleaner.

    Hi Tricia: The stop / start on video can be broadband speed variations. It depends how busy the server and / or your local line is. Normally a temporary copy is made on your computer so when you replay it the software uses your local copy which should be nice and smooth running.


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