Saturday, 22 August 2009

A Couple of Flutters and a Hairy Landing Pad

Yesterday I had a visitor at lunch time. Fluttering round the conservatory was a Peacock Butterfly which eventually settled on the roof beam.

Peacock Butterfly

Today I saw what at first I though was a smallish day flying moth but once I had taken its portrait it turned out to be a female Common Blue Butterfly. I have seen a few small blue butterflies around but they never land in the garden. This one fooled me as it was far from blue in colour.

Female Common Blue Butterfly

While I was getting a bite to eat at lunch time I spotted something on Bobby's back as he lay basking in the sunlight.

Bobby and a Dragonfly

On closer inspection I could see it was a Common Darter Dragonfly which kept hovering and landing while half asleep Bobby didn't seem to feel a thing.

Dragonfly on Bobby

In the end it tickled and Bobby wearily shooed it away so it moved over to the pebbled area under the bird feeders. I hope it keeps up the head twitching so it can spot a hungry bird which might arrive at any time.

Common Darter Dragonfly

Now to do what I was going to do an hour ago - get the mower out. I was going to do that after the afternoon walkies yesterday but it decided to rain so I had better get 'Round Tuit' before it rains again.


  1. Hi John
    Great captures
    I don't think I have ever seen a female CB or at least got close enough to recognise them

  2. Thanks Terry. The female CB looks more colourful on the photo than it appears in real life. I think it is so small compared with most I see that the colours blend and it actually appears brown at first sight. I had to look it up and never expected to find it among the blues.

  3. Had to laugh at that shot of Bobby and the dragon. They both look like they're enjoying the day.
    Lovely shots of the butterflies too.

  4. It brought a smile to my face Keith. I didn't expect it to stay there for long or for Bobby to put up with it. In fact it kept landing gently for a good five minutes.

  5. Well done Bobby! He definitely has ways of making sure he gets his photo taken ;)

    I loved all the photos John, your conservatory seems to be a magnet for flying visitors.

  6. Oh yes Jan. Even when he's half asleep Bobby somehow manages to be the centre of attention!

  7. Does that mean that the darter was dog-tired? ;)

    It's very helpful when winged things land long enough to take a photo of them. You scored big time here ~ and it's nice to see that Bobby is attuned to nature, also, in a gentle way.

  8. Now why didn't I think of that Glo - dog tired indeed :)

    Bobby is pretty good in general but he does snap at buzzy things like bees and wasps which can be a bit worrying. Years ago I had a Jack Russell which used to leap in the air and snatch bumble bees in flight between his front teeth. He was very good at it, rarely missed and didn't get stung once.

  9. Great shots John! Bobby is sweet, love his ears.

  10. Thank you Omi. Bobby's ears are the only parts which don't sleep all day. They are always on the move like small hairy radar dishes. :)

  11. Oh great shots John!! Love the shot of Bobby with the dragonfly sitting on him. Great shot :)

  12. Thank you Crista. Bobby has a habit of making sure he stays the centre of attraction :)

  13. Lovely photos oft the butterflies! I am always intrigued with what my dog notices and does NOT notice (or maybe just deign to notice!)

  14. Some great visitors there John and great pictures too. Wasn't that obliging of Bobby to lie there so still, just in order to provide a landing pad for your Dragon's photo opportunity.

    And, no doubt, your grass is now a bit shorter than it was? (unlike mine!)

  15. Thank you Mick. It makes a change when butterflies stay still for a while.

  16. Thank you Tricia. Bobby can be obliging when the mood suits :) Yes. I did get the grass cut and the green wheelie bin has just been emptied so no rush now for another fortnight!


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