Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Darn it - Just too Late Again

Honey, yes I am pretty sure it is Honey who is visiting each night, made a slightly later appearance than usual yesterday. She was still eating when Bobby went out for his last tour of the gardens. As always he made a beeline for the feeding area. Too late, Honey had made a dash for cover.

Darn Too Late

He had to make do with a quick sniff at the dish. The action was caught on video.

I had taken a camera out with me and the flashes can be seen on the video as I took a few photographs. Honey had only gone as far as burying her head, ostrich style, in a nearby fern.

Go Away Im Hiding

You can see how well the varied tones on the hedgehog's spines would make Honey almost invisible in the shaded areas under a hedge. Perfect camouflage.

On checking the recording for last night - Honey was back eating within six minutes of being disturbed. Dried mealworms are a real magnet for Hedgehogs!


  1. What a great post John, that's a great picture of Honey, I didn't realise how varied the hedgehog's spines actually are. How tiny are their feet! Linda

  2. Thank you Linda. I think some of the colour variation is made by things they brush through but the spines themselves are mottled which breaks up the outline. Also I noticed for the first time that the spines point in different directions. The feet are delicate aren't they considering the amount of climbing they can do.

  3. That was fun, good old inspector Bob on the case again! It is interesting that you have become able to 'recognise' different hogs, I suppose they are actually as individual as we are.

  4. Pleased you enjoyed it Jan. Recognition is fairly easy with just two adults. Henry always tucks his head down and stays put - Honey usually makes a dash for cover.Also they are different sizes. Henry is quite bulky.

  5. Lovely shot of Honey doing an Ostrich impression.
    Can just make out her eye too.

  6. Thanks Keith. I had also noticed that she made sure she could still see what was going on.

  7. The spines of Honey really do blend in with the autumnal colours of the leaves. Good to know that dog and hedgehog can co-exist so well. Interesting post and video as usual John :)

  8. Thank you Tricia. I think Bobby is used to having the Hedgehog about. In fact he looks really dejected when he can't find one.


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