Friday, 25 September 2009

Friday at the Flicks

It is noticeable that some of the older juvenile Goldfinches are now starting to gain the adult red feathers on their heads.

The fruit is rapidly disappearing from next doors elder bushes. Not surprising when you see how fast a Starling or two can eat the berries.

While the Dunnock is looking for food for its young it is showing itself more in the open. I was very lucky this normally retiring bird stayed out in the open long enough to get some video.

Finally Honey the Hedgehog continues to visit every night. She is eating more from the dish as she builds up her fat reserves ready for the Winter hibernation period.


  1. No elderberry wine for you then. Cover your car, recycled elderberries are the very devil.

  2. Too true Adrian. The paved area under the feeders is already turning a lovely shade of purple!

  3. Adrian beat me to it with that comment ;) we suffered particularly badly when we had a white car!

    The Goldfinches are really colouring up nicely now and your video illustrates that perfectly. Lovely to see the Dunnock, it looked very wary I thought.

    Honey was tucking in well at Midmarsh Cafe. You will miss the hogs when they hibernate just as I will miss the butterflies.

  4. Hi Jan. Just as well I keep my car in the garage most of the time. :)

    I don't think the Dunnock feels comfortable out in the open. It has been a rare sight to see it so clearly recently.

    I will indeed miss hoggy visits once Honey hibernates. I will still put food out on mild occasions as they do wake up from time to time.

    Very few butterflies here now. Just the odd one now and then.

  5. Good morning John, enjoyed seeing the red coming in on the goldfinches. Will have to look out for that here. It's rowan berries up here and its the blackbirds that are at my tree :-)

    Oh but I so loved the dunnock video, such a lovely little bird and you captured it well. Looking forward to seeing more of Honey one night :-D

  6. Good morning Shirl. I had noticed how 'scruffy' the faces had become on the young Goldfinches and then I noticed the little patches of red appearing.

    I was pleased that the Dunnock stayed in view long enough to get the camcorder up and running. Normally all I get is a fleeting second or two, not even time for a snapshot.

    I am sure Honey is getting noticeably fatter as she stocks up for the Winter.

  7. John...I didn't know that hedgehogs hibernate. I just learned something new. As pets do they hibernate as well?????

  8. Do you think that possibly the red on the feathers might be elderberry juice...;) Just kidding. Lovely to see the goldfinches maturing. You're getting to be an expert Dunnock photographer! Can you entice Honey to the Hedgehog house now that she's very comfortable in your garden area? I'm sure you have a trail of yummies leading to the front door!

  9. Hi Crista. The beetles and other natural food for Hedgehogs are in short supply over the Winter months so Hedgehogs sleep for much of the time. They will wake up occasionally when it is warm enough.
    I really don't know anything about keeping them as pets but I seem to remember reading somewhere that they do not. I suppose it depends where they are kept and the temperature variation.

  10. Hi Glo. I've been fortunate with the Dunnock coming in to view for longer periods than normal and being in the right place at the right time.

    I have tried all sorts to entice Honey to the hog house - apart from stuffing her in it by hand :)


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