Sunday, 13 September 2009

Walkies and a Hedgehog Visitor

Yesterday was another scorcher. I spent part of the morning installing some extra lighting for hoggy cam. In the afternoon we went for a leisurely stroll down a local lane. There wasn't much in the way of wildlife to see as I think most was sheltering from the heat.

A lone Wood Pigeon sat in tree taking no notice of us as we walked past.

Wood Pigeon

At one stage a small frog hopped across the path and disappeared in the long grass. Fortunately Bobby hadn't spotted it .


Most of the thistles have gone to seed but every now and then there would be a lone late flower.

A Lone Thistle Flower

On the way back home we pass the now defunct village post office (how to kill the heart of a village in one easy lesson). Denis and Marion still have lovely hanging baskets though.

Hanging Basket Hanging Basket

A couple of the trees that the council planted some years ago are groaning under the weight of their crop of brilliant red berries.

Tree with Red Berries Red Berries

Red Berries

Bobby loves his walks and never refuses to go but by the time we were wending our way home he definitely had that expression which said, "It's too hot for me" and " Is someone going to carry me?"

It's Too Hot For Me When is Somebody Going to Carry Me

After a saucer of cool milk and a quick snack he got himself in his most comfortable position for a well earned doze letting plenty of fresh air cool his tired paws.


As I said at the start, I had rigged up a couple of modern 12V white LED lamps. They are a lot brighter than I thought they would be. I had fixed them to shine across the feeding area where the Hedgehogs visit. The idea was to have enough light to keep the camera in colour. At the same time I had masked off most of the IR LEDs in the camera. When I first switched the new lights on last night I wondered if the brightness would put off any hogs but the lure of dried mealworms still worked. I need to experiment with the position of the lights as they glare if the hog gets right in front of them but on the whole they are doing the job.

A few short extracts from last nights visit.

It wasn't just Bobby who slept well last night. Normally I wake up two or three times in the night but I only woke once very briefly otherwise slept soundly until the radio came on at 6.30 this morning.


  1. That looks like one happy pooch! I've been meaning to ask if your hedgehog hospital was in Authorpe? I went to a sanctuary there, a few years ago.

  2. Yes Matron. My 60mph couch potato seems very contented with life here. Yes also to Authorpe. I guess you must have met Elaine who looks after it virtually single handed.

  3. A lovely range of shots
    In particular, what camouflage the frog has.
    Had you not mentioned by way of caption that there was a frog there in the first place, I am sure I wouldn't have known.

  4. A good variety there John, nice picture of the Wood Pigeon and of course I love all the pics of Bobby, how contented he looks in the last.

    Great hog video, the colour showed up well.

  5. Hello Prof. Thank you. I would not have seen the frog if it hadn't jumped in front of me.

  6. Hello Jan. Thank you. Bobby was exhausted so I had a peaceful evening. :)

  7. Nice colour hog footage! The hogs in my garden often come up to the back door when the curtain is open and allowing light to spill outside, so I don't think they are that worried about it.

    I think they are more likely to be scared off if it's all dark and then suddenly a bright light comes on.

    What are the markings on that hog's back? Is that natural or has it been marked with paint?

  8. Hi GLW. Thank you.
    Entirely natural markings. It is the same hog seen in the photo in my previous entry. The contrast in the small patches of lighter colouring on the hog seems to be intensified by the camera.

    Last night I tried switching the lights off and on again while it was eating - it took no notice - hunger rules!

  9. It's nice to see them in their true colours.

    We have always been afraid of frightening them off with bright lights, but from this it doesn't seem to worry them at all. The only thing we found was that "our" Nightshift tends to lay down in the entrance to the nest box waiting for dark. The other night we had a desk lamp on in the living room which was shining into the entrance and she lay there for an hour after dark. When I switched the light off, she was out within a couple of minutes. The little chap in the box next door hadn't been bothered by the light at all.

    Almost all our local hedgies seem to be acquiring the markings as well. Makes identifying individuals difficult when the markings keep changing.

  10. Hello Twosie. I can see how a light shining on the sleeping area might confuse them about timing. I have no idea where mine sleep. Also a while ago I had tried white lighting directly above the feeding area and they were perfectly happy. I guess they get used to street lamps and halogen security lights so once they are out and about they just take it in their stride.

  11. Poor old Bobby looks worn out in those pictures. lol
    Lovely set of pictures John. I think my favourite has to be the thistles. They have a certain beauty when they reach that stage.

  12. Thank you Keith. Yes, my favourite is the thistles, especially the contrast between the brown seeds and the new flower.

  13. Walking in the heat of the day is not fun :-( I like the hanging baskets and the tree with all the berries - just beautiful!

  14. that expression on your pup's face!! So cute......I think you narrated it very well! :-)

  15. Hello Mick. I hadn't expected it to feel so hot. The thermometer showed just over 20C but it felt more like 30. The hanging baskets and the trees did look beautiful.

  16. Thank you Kelly. My pup is in the human equivalent of his 80s as he is coming on for 12 years old. He sets out at a good stride but the return journey is always slow. I think a snail could race him home some days :>)


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