Sunday, 25 October 2009

Paddling in the Garden Pond

With the clocks having gone back an hour last night it was light again at 7 a.m.. I had a quick look at the pond but nothing in sight. After walkies I took the wildlife camera out to fix in position. I noticed water splashes on the pond edging so I assumed Harry the Heron (named by Glo of Porcelain Rose) had already been for his breakfast. If he had then he came back for the second course about 8.30. I hadn't yet got the cameras ready. Which one to grab? Yesterday afternoon I had experimented with the camcorder - lowered the tripod so it could just see over the window ledge and with the tiltable LCD screen I could kneel down and still operate it and be reasonably out of view.

I grabbed the camcorder, set it up and slowly moved it to get the only reasonable view. Harry had landed on the lawn and had by this time carefully made his way to the end of the pond. All the time he kept glancing at the kitchen window. As he entered the pond I started the recording and managed a short clip before he disappeared from view.

I tried to slowly move the tripod to get another clear view but Harry noticed and was off like a shot. Did the wildlife camera get a picture. Did it heck as like. Partly it was facing slightly the wrong way. Partly it takes a one minute rest after each detection time. All I got was a lovely photo of the ripples fanning out from where the Heron was standing just out of sight.

Today's tasks:
1) Remove the post next to the rose bush which was to mount the wildlife camera overlooking the waterfall.
2) Reposition the post at the end of the pond to cover more of the pond itself.

Wow - 11 a.m. and both 'round tuits' done. Is this a record I ask myself. New post for the wildlife camera with a cover over the top to keep rain and direct Sunlight off the lens. Temporary post next to the rose bush removed. The other post in the way is unfortunately needed where it is as it carries the weight of my aerial mast when I tilt it over - unless I redesign it to tilt over as well. I just knew the 'round tuit' pile would keep growing.Sigh!


  1. He does look very wary John. Spent more time on watch, than fishing by the looks of it. Great capture.

    Thanks for your very kind words and thoughts on my last post. Appreciated.

  2. Hi Keith. Hope you are feeling a bit brighter. Nice to see you visit.
    The Heron is very wary. Always on the lookout which makes it quite a challenge to get some decent shots.

  3. What a treat to have a heron as a regular visitor, John! I'm looking forward to more photos and videos.


  4. It was wonderful to see Harry in your pond in your clip from this morning. We were saddened to read about what had happened at the Bistro but in a short space of time, it should be back up and running once more and we look forward to seeing those wonderful flocks back in position again. We're sure they can hardly wait either. We wonder if Harry is coming because it is quieter there now. He does seem to be extremely sensitive to movements.

  5. Hi Wilma. This is its second year visiting and I never get tired of watching it. I thought it might have taken all the fish last year so was surprised when nearly thirty re-appeared in the Spring.

  6. Hi Twosie. The Heron is a magnificent sight. This is Harry's second year of visiting. The pond is at least forty feet away from the feeders and I don't think he bothers about the small birds, possibly the pigeons and collared doves might startle him from time to time.
    I still see the occasional fluffed up small bird so it will be a while yet until things get back to normal.

  7. Thanks for this video. I really enjoy it.

  8. Great stuff John, I think you definitely have a regular visitor there, such an impressive creature!

  9. Thank you for visiting B W G. Pleased you enjoyed the video clip.

  10. Hi again Jan. Not spotted today but sometimes it comes around Sunset time. Some days it misses altogether.
    They really are impressive birds.


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