Thursday, 26 November 2009

Silly Walks and Hunt the Mealworm

When I was watching a Magpie strutting round the lawn it reminded me of John Cleese's Ministry of Silly Walks sketch in Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Ministry of Silly (Magpie) Walks

For those who have never seen the sketch it can be found HERE on YouTube.

As the Starlings had emptied the Coconut of its contents I put a fat ball inside it but there were no takers. Today I thought I would put some dried mealworms in to see who would be first to find them. I hardly needed one guess!

What's in Here

Starling with Dried Mealworm

There is a cold wind blowing but 5/10 pale blue sky and constant sunshine has really brightened the morning up.


  1. John at long last the wind has dropped, still heavy showers mind. Like the magpie strutting it's stuff.

  2. The Magpie does indeed look like it is doing the 'Silly Walk' :) I have noticed Pied Wagtails often walk like that too, must be the black and white plumage!! :)

    I'm amazed the Starlings weren't interested in the fat ball although the ones I have put out don't seem very popular at the moment either.

    We have rain...again!

  3. Hello Adrian. I think I prefer the wind. At least I managed an hour or so weeding and trimming as this week is the last green bin collection until the Spring - something you don't have to bother about at the moment :)

  4. Hello Jan. The Magpie can never make up its mind whether it is going to goose-step or bounce across the grass.

    The Starlings kept squabbling over the fat balls in the wire hanger but didn't like the one in the coconut for some reason - same make from the same tub. Even the Sparrows are eating the fat balls this year.

    It can get very dry in the Summer here in this part of Lincolnshire but at least some of the winter rain gives us a miss. The Lincolnshire Wolds tends to send it North and South of us.

  5. Starlings have an uncanny knack of finding anything worth eating don't they. lol

  6. Ha,ha...very like John Cleese in the Monty Python Sketch :-))

  7. Very true Keith. They soon spot the smallest edible substance.

  8. Maybe it's a Monty python fan Helen ;)

  9. Love the magpie. The resemblence to John Cleese is amazing. Who knows? Maybe Cleese had been watching magpies when he dreamt up that sketch!


  10. Hello Wilma. Maybe he had been watching Magpies or maybe a Moorhen. So many birds seem to have strange walks.


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