Saturday, 23 January 2010

Early Morning Visitors

Last night I was working on the computer when I heard the relay click in the video camera recorder as it registered movement. It was a mouse which had arrived about 8.30 pm and sat in the seed dish for about a quarter of an hour helping itself to the seed put out for the birds' breakfast. That was the first time I had seen a mouse since early December, and never that early in the evening - more usually around midnight or the early hours.

Checking the night's recordings I saw that it, or one of its relatives, had visited just as it was starting to get light.

The next visitors were a couple of early Starlings helping themselves to dried mealworms and being told off by a male Blackbird which wanted to get at the suet pellets, soon followed by a female Blackbird. Other Blackbirds were milling about on the lawn. There were about ten of them altogether.

Although the Blue Tits are still visiting the feeders I have had no more sighting from inside the nest box as yet.


  1. The food must look like a banquet to that tiny little mouse! 'My' mouse arrives quite early, around 7pm or even earlier sometimes.

    I have always thought of the Starlings as the bully boys of the bird world but I'm beginning to think the Blackbirds aren't far behind them!

  2. Eek! A mouse! Sorry, habit ;)

    Good video (especially once the mouse had gone) .... the Birdy Bistro Breakfast Bonanza is a sure fire hit!

  3. Hello Jan. Yes, I think Mousy must have thought Christmas had come early.

    With so many Blackbirds around here they are very quarrelsome, even chasing the Robin about.

  4. Hello Glo. As long as Mousy stays outside I don't mind so much.

    During the Winter I have been topping up the feeders as it gets dark. Saves having to brave the early morning temperatures.


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