Saturday, 20 February 2010

A Brief Inspection

Both Blue Tits made a brief inspection of the nestbox today. One arrives and nips inside. The second immediately arrives at the entrance hole and eventually joins the first inside. The first leaves straight away and the second bird leaves soon after that.

First a still clip from the video:
Blue Tit pair in the Nestbox

 It could be a while yet before the female starts performing the 'nest box shuffle'. This can be seen HERE in a capture I made last year.


  1. To be hoped it is John, the weather is not conducive to successful breeding.

  2. That reminds me, I should go out and empty the titbox and give it a brush out. Is it better to leave it completely empty for the tits? or would they appreciate a little dry starting material? What would you suggest?

  3. Yes Adrian. The temperature needs to improve somewhat before they begin in earnest.

  4. Hello Matron. Some sites, including the RSPB, suggest a small handful of wood shavings or straw but that seems mainly for any birds who might roost there in the Winter. Last year I put some wood shavings in which the Blue Tit threw out piece by piece before starting a nest. This year it has a small amount of chopped dried grass stalks but I am sure an empty box will work just as well as the birds seem to prefer to use their own materials anyway.

  5. Fascinating to watch John.
    Hope they decide to nest; it'll be great watching the progress.

  6. I find it fascinating being able to watch the comings and goings from inside and outside. There seem to be more visits to the outside of the box at the moment.


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