Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Gathering of the Clans

Most early mornings there are gatherings of various birds. Maybe they are warming in any early sunshine. Probably working out the best route to take to find easy food.

The Rooks usually choose one of the highest houses nearby to sit and ponder the day's possibilities. Here there are Rooks and the occasional Woodpigeon.


Most of the Woodpigeons prefer a safer, more sheltered observatory.


The earliest arrivals are the Blackbirds which gather on my lawn just as it starts to get light and soon start bickering over the seed which is scattered from the feeders.


I think I can say that this morning was the first time I have heard a proper dawn chorus this year. Although I have often heard Robins, this time I could hear about four different species welcoming the Sunrise.


  1. John, thanks for Phils radio programme. Nothing but Robins singing here at dawn.

  2. Good morning, John ~ I'm glad to hear it you experienced a chorus and not a cacophony ;) I always enjoy the photos showing the spread of wings ~ in this case caused by a spat by the look of it. The only birds I've seen around here lately are very small ones. Perhaps with sunny weather forecast for the next few days, others will be out and about. Cawing crows who come when the cherries are ripe are the only birds that get to me. They make a heck of a racket.

  3. Hello Adrian. The local birds must have known that it would be sunny most of the day with temperatures actually reaching 7C.

  4. Hello Glo. Funny you should mention Crows. When we came back from the village shop this afternoon there were about a dozen circling round cawing like mad. As is normal - the moment I took the camcorder outside they scarpered.
    The Blackbirds spend a lot of time facing off each other.

  5. It looks like they were playing 'King of the Castle' on the roof with the one on the chimney pot :)

    There is a lot of Blackbird activity here too but they are turning their noses (well beaks) up at the apples now. They loved the Coxes but are not so keen on the cheaper ones I have been putting out recently!

  6. I've noticed more birds singing in the mornings now too John. A great way to start a day.

  7. I love to be awakened by birdsong; the best possible start to a day.

  8. Hello Jan. 'King of the Castle' is just what I thought looking at those birds.
    I think some of our regular visitors are getting too fussy over which food they eat. Maybe we put out too mush sometimes ;)

  9. Hello Keith. It is nice to hear the birds singing in the mornings. Not one this morning in the cold and fog round here.

  10. Hello Wilma. Yes, nothing quite like waking to the cheerful song of the local birds.


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