Sunday, 7 February 2010

ProStalk Wildlife Camera

Back in the Summer I purchased a ProStalk Wildlife Camera. The camera has built in passive IR detectors and a set of LEDs for night time flash illumination. Although the camera body is weather proof I decided to give it some support as it is quite heavy and some cover to keep the worst of the rain, snow and bird droppings away.

ProStalk Camera

It was after missing shots of a visiting Kingfisher and the first visits by a Grey Heron I decided to  have an automatic camera watching over the garden pond. The camera takes four D cells or it can be run from an external 6V battery. Up to now I have been using rechargeable D cells but they only last a few days.

The ProStalk can take still shots or movie clips. The once I tried the movie facility I was very disappointed with the quality so I keep it set for still shots. There are a few choices when setting it up. I have it set to take three photos in succession when it spots any heat source and there is then a one minute rest before it will take any more. This to conserve battery power. Photos and video are stored on an SD memory card.

So far it has spotted very little, sometimes because I forget to change the batteries in time, sometimes because I think it is slow to react. During the icy weather it did manage to capture some Blackbirds and the occasional cat walking on the surface of the frozen pond or the occasional Collared Dove flying past.

ProStalk Camera Captures

 Although I have been somewhat disappointed with its performance so far it is still handy to have a camera which will automatically record visiting animals and birds. The next thing I will do is connect it to a rechargeable sealed lead acid 6V battery so that it can keep operating for longer periods without me having to keep an eye on the power levels. The batter will also be constantly trickle charged so it should never run down. The camera has the facility to plug in an external battery so no modifications have to be made.

More information about the camera can be found HERE.


  1. Someone's been playing with their toys again :) Let's hope it captures something surprising, a Kingfisher would be great!

    I enjoyed the previous post too and loved the (very creative) House Sparrows photo and the Collared Doves looked so sweet, whispering sweet nothings :)

  2. Hello Jan. A Kingfisher would definitely be great.

    I was playing with some of the facilities I rarely look at in Paint Shop Pro when I did the Sparrow picture. Makes a change.

  3. That camera sounds as if it would be a lot of fun to have in my yard! Failing that! - I shall look forward to what you capture at your pond when the weather up your way gets warmer.

  4. Hello Mick. I hope it does better this year. Last year all it captured was Bobby and me walking near the pond! At least it spotted a few birds in the icy conditions. Small creatures need to be close to the camera to get decent photos. I think it's really designed to spot deer and other larger creatures - which aren't around in these parts.

  5. John, don't be too quick to blame the camera. As you said only the other day the birds know it's there!

  6. Very true Adrian. With birds I think the camera is too slow to react when they are flying about but at least I now know it can pick up the body heat of a smallish creature.

  7. Hi there John, sorry I’ve not been by with comments this week. Have been enjoying keeping up with your posts on my phone though :-)

    Interesting read re your experience with this camera. I have seen this type in magazines. Hog blog has something like this too… doesn’t he? I remember him sending his one away for repair.

    Sounds a great idea to me, that the images are stored on an SD card making the need for extra software not necessary. Like the IR facility too. Looking forward to seeing what this one picks up.

    BTW I probably would add a little extra protection against the elements too :-D

  8. Hello Shirl. Hog Blog has a similar wildlife camera. It was a toss up which to buy. It also has a USB connection but it is a lot easier just to take the card out.


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