Friday, 26 February 2010

Walking on Water

It isn't just Adrian's Molly who can walk on water. Checking through the captures made by the ProStalk wildlife camera it caught this midnight prowling moggy on the middle of my frozen pond.


SUNP0062  SUNP0061

Although there were 90+ captures on the SD card most of the time it is impossible to see what triggered the camera. The most probable explanation is a bird flying through the detection area which was out of sight by the time the camera reacted. Those which do have something to see usually contain Bobby or myself as in this one of me planting my Winter Aconite corms.


No sign of the Heron which was my main reason for positioning the camera next to the pond. I will have to try a few different locations around the garden to see what else it can spot.


  1. John, if you move the camera I can almost guarantee you will have not one but two herons building a nest in front of where it was. Good quality images off it, aren't they.

  2. Hello Adrian. You are probably right about the nesting ;) Considering it only has 3.1M pixels it does reasonably well.

  3. Good morning John, I especially like the night images from this camera. The daytime ones are good too which is a bonus :-)

    I’d take a guess that there was a reason that this cat was on your pond… a mouse hiding around its edges. That’s what brings the cats to pondwatch here anyway. Wishing you a good weekend of wildlife watching :-D

  4. It does capture very good images John. Always a pleasure to see Bobby and, after much hunting, I'm assuming the well clad bundle at the back, behind the pot is your good self :)

  5. Hello Shirl. The little group of infra red LEDs do well to light things up in the dark.
    Could have been a mouse or possibly one of the frogs as I expect there was unfrozen water in the reeds.

  6. Hello Jan. A well clad wet bundle at the moment. Raining most of the day but turned to snow as we went walkabout. Yes that was me in the background making sure I stayed warm (T shirt, shirt, fleece and coat!)


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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