Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A Different Pair of Prospective Settlers?

Yesterday morning there was a pair of Blue Tits giving the outside of the nestbox the once over. Neither of these birds went inside so I am thinking it may be a different pair. No sound with this video clip.

This is a still taken from the video showing both birds investigating the box.

A Pair of Blue Tits Investigating


  1. So much dithering :) Maybe the first pair are about to be gazumped!

  2. Hello Jan. There are quite a few nest boxes round here so I think they are spoilt for choice ;)

  3. He certainly came close at the end.
    If it is another pair, it does make me wonder if they can sense or smell, that another pair have been investigating it.

  4. Hello Keith. I was thinking the same thing - whether they could smell that other birds had been inside. There was a lot of peeping through the hole, maybe checking to see whether it was occupied.


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