Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Night Shift

Just because the Sun has gone down and it is dark outside doesn't mean that all wildlife has gone to sleep. That is when the night shift starts the task of finding food. I have often heard and seen owls around the village but as yet they have eluded the camera. Not so with the hedgehogs. Most nights (when I remember to switch on the recorder) there is video of at least one hog visiting. So far this year they have arrived one at a time so I am not sure how many there are. Horace is easily recognised as he appears to have only one eye:

Occasionaly I see some of the seeds in the dish move as if by magic. Close examination of the recording shows various slugs and beetles which are active at night. Easier to spot is the odd visit from a local mouse:

Eek - get the bucket ready Glo!

There are probably other creatures about, not forgetting the local cats, but so far they have stayed out of range of the cameras.


  1. Thanks John, nearly had me thought it was Friday already.

  2. Hello John, it's great to be back and I'm so glad you were too polite to call your one eyed hog Jan :) I do have two of course but only one that works properly at the moment :)

    Anyway two lovely videos here, I'm so glad you are being visited by hogs again.

    I have had a brief (for now) look back at a few of your earlier posts and am glad to see you have been having great fun with your new, more mobile, camera, it certainly gives great results. I am curious about the Kingfisher carving as I seem to remember you saying it had disappeared some time ago?

    I loved the photo of dear Bobby with his face covered in pollen :)

  3. Just keeping you on your toes Adrian ;)

  4. Welcome back Jan. Don't overdo it trying to catch up on everything.

    I had thought the Kingfisher sculpture had gone but it was just me being my usual unobservant self ;)

    One thing I have learned - pollen doesn't brush off!

  5. Lovely clip of the mouse John. I bet there's quite a few night visitors we are unaware of.

  6. Hello Keith. It can move at quite a speed when it wants. I don't blame it with the number of cats around here at night.

    I've always hoped to see a fox but maybe my fencing is too secure though I don't think that would stop then if they were determined.


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