Monday, 12 April 2010

Tadpoles in the Nursery Pond

I had been a bit worried when the first clump of frog spawn in the nursery pond began to turn white as this usually means it wasn't fertilised. I need not have worried however as quite a few tadpoles have emerged from that batch and dozens from the second batch.

At least they are safe from the fish in the main pond so they should have a good chance of growing to a size where it will be safe to return them..


  1. I loved the post John...brings back wonderful memories when I was a wee girl. I used to stand in the water filled ditches by the train tracks and catch tadpolls. Mind you my Grandma certainly DID NOT LIKE IT!!!! hahahahah

  2. Hi again John, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your tadpoles. Great video. Perhaps you’ve already said, but why do you move them to a nursery area?

    Sorry, I’m playing catch up this morning. Jumping forward your posts to the pigeon swimming I’ve seen them go into my tiny (not much room for it to move) too. Unfortunately, in my case it was so determined to try it fell over and didn’t try to get up. I think it was sick. I wonder if something in nature took it into my pond that day.

  3. Hello Crista. I used to stuff my coat pockets with hairy caterpillars as a youngster.

  4. Hello Shirl. The main pond has fish which find small tadpoles a tasty snack so I moved the tadpoles to give them a chance to reach a decent size. Then I intend to put them back in the main pond.


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