Sunday, 25 April 2010

A Visit to a Rookery

Taking a walk down a lane I rarely use I was pleasantly surprised how close I could get to one of the village rookeries. It looks as though the Rooks are putting the finishing touches to their nests.

Rookery 2

Rookery 3

Rookery 1

Now I know just how close I can get I will take the DSLR with me the next time I go.

In a small paddock at the bottom of those trees was a single mother and her twins enjoying a beautiful sunny afternoon.


Back home the first spike on one of my Cymbidium orchids has just started to open. This was tonemapped using Photomatrix to give it a bit more contrast.

Cymbidium (tonemapped)

Where ever I go there seem to be dozens of seven spot ladybirds, far more than I remember seeing at their peak last year.In the garden there are more than a few on my blackcurrant bushes.

Ladybirds 1

If you are wondering what ladybirds are finding in the way of food this time of year then have a look at Phil's blog entry Vegetarian Ladybirds.


  1. You're getting some good results with that new camera John. I love that shot of the Orchid.

  2. Interesting to see that your Rooks are at the nest building stage, whereas the Rooks I saw at Kingcombe were feeding young that were almost fully grown. Living in the northern parts of the UK, Spring is a little later than in the South. I have also seen quite a number of the Seven-spot Ladybird this Spring in my garden and out in the countryside, more than I have seen in previous years. I have not seen a Harlequin Ladybird yet.

  3. Hello Keith. The camera is doing a lot better than I expected. Even the plainer orchids have a grace about them that other flowers lack.

  4. Hello Linda. I wonder if you saw an adult feeding another adult which was incubating the eggs? I know Rooks are very sociable and sometimes feed each other.


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