Sunday, 16 May 2010

Plants in the Garden, etc.

When I look around my garden I seem to see as much colour from self sown wild flowers as there is from the plants I have bought.

Wild Flowers

There is a small tree fern growing in a tub which I move to the unheated greenhouse over winter. In spite of the cold weather there are new fronds appearing and I am looking forward to a decent display this year. Last year it started late and made very little growth.

Tree Fern

I have a couple of tomato plants, one in the greenhouse and one in a smaller grow house (a Shirley and a Money Maker). Both are showing their first flowers.

Tomato Flower

Also in the greenhouse the strawberry plants are flowering and showing signs of the fruit to come. At first I thought they were being attacked by whitefly but closer observation showed the white objects seem to be discarded skins and the flies are more red than white. They are the same size as the odd greenfly which is also present. I wonder what they are.

Fly on Strawberry Flower

This morning while out walkies we saw a grey squirrel. Quite a cheeky one as it sat up checking for any traffic before crossing the road.

Grey Squirrel

They usually disappear rapidly when they spot us but this one paid us no heed at all.

For the second day running there is a Hedgehog curled up in its house. It made several visits for food and water during the night. These are a couple of snapshots from last night's video captures.

Hedgehog Hedgehog


  1. Nice collection of wild flowers John. Much cheaper than going to the garden centre too lol

  2. What beautiful garden wild flower pictures, John. I don't know what it is but I particularly like the top right one.

  3. It is cheaper than the garden centre Keith. The only problem is they choose where to grow ;)

  4. Hello Emma. I really like the same one. It was identified for me some while ago by Phil (Cabinet of Curiosities) as Lady's Smock, Cardamine pratensis. I let it grow as it is a food plant for the Orange Tip butterfly so I hope it attracts a few to my garden.

  5. Would Bobby have it in him to chase squirrels at his time of life... given half a chance? He looks like the sort of dog that would.

  6. He certainly would Matron, given half a chance. He does a good job of chasing the fat wood pigeons from his garden.

  7. What a bright and cheerful post :) The squirrel looks and sounds like quite a character ~ not only cheeky, but quite smart!

  8. Hello Glo. That squirrel seems to take life at a very leisurely pace unlike most which seem to be rushing all over the place.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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