Monday, 3 May 2010

The Wanderer Returns - Then There Were Two

The little Hedgehog appeared as usual for its equivalent of breakfast and made several visits to the Hedgehog House. From my observations I had assumed this hog was not fully grown and this was borne out when a larger Hedgehog appeared. The first time this year there has been more than one at a time. The larger, and presumably older, hog was the more nervous of the two and didn't stay long to eat much of the dried mealworms, crushed, unsalted peanuts and Sunflower hearts on offer. Today there is a resident again in the house. I assume it is the smaller one which I will call Hoggy as I can't think of another neutral name starting with H.

Here are some short snippets from last night's video captures. Uploading to YouTube was very slow this morning with long periods of inactivity (not unusual these days) so I uploaded the video file to Flickr. Flickr cut the video short (maximum 90 sec) so I ended up having to go back to YouTube in the end!

Not much in the way of photography recently. It has been raining on and off with the odd hail shower. Some birds are visiting the feeders in pairs - Goldfinches, Blue Tits, Coal Tits and Great Tits are all arriving in pairs. They are not using my nest boxes but I think they are roosting not too far away. The corvids continue to arrive as soon as it starts to get light and soon finish off any food left by the Hedgehogs.

Not a lot seen out and about. (These taken with the Lumix)
A couple of Wood Pigeons in a tree

Wood Pigeons

A distant rabbit in the horse paddock.


A lovely brilliant yellow field of oilseed rape (HDRd)

Oilseed Rape  (HDR)

Tomorrow will probably be a blogless day as various electrical work is being done here at home, including the installation of air conditioning in the lounge. My lounge faces South and has more glass than wall which is great for free heating from the Sun at colder times of the year but gets more than a bit overpowering in the Summer. I've had a portable Amcor air conditioning unit for a few years which does a great job but the fans are so noisy it drives me up the wall so it was time for a quieter system.


  1. Great to see your resident hogs, unfortunately not seen any in my garden this year. Wow the sky looks like its boiling blue against the yellow oilseed rape

  2. So glad there has been more hog activity, John, I suspect there may be interesting developments eventually!

    Great pics with the Lumix, it is doing you proud. Not so keen on the Oilseed Rape (sneeze, sneeze!) but it is is a wonderfully atmospheric photo >)

  3. Hello Captain Shagrat. The was some good cloud formation that day getting ready for a good downpour.

  4. Hello Jan. The oilseed rape doesn't affect me until after it has been cut. When they leave it in the field to dry I think it often gets mould growing on it and that gets my sinuses streaming.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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