Monday, 24 May 2010

White Bluebells

There are a few large clumps of cultivated bluebells in my back garden which have been flowering for over thirty years. Noticeable amongst all the blue are two stems of pure white flowers. They are possibly a hybrid: Hyacinthoides x massartiana

White Bluebells

A short while ago I labelled this photo as horse chestnut, but I think it should have been labelled as Sycamore:

Sycamore Flowers

For one thing the Horse Chestnut flower spike grows upwards as can be seen here:

Horse Chestnut Flowers

Many of the scores of frog tadpoles in the nursery pond are developing their back legs. There are so many that I have started transferring some to the main pond. There they will have more natural food, less chance of using up the oxygen in the water and they should now be large enough to be safe from the fish.


The legs can just be made out along side the tail of this tadpole which is one of about fifty I moved yesterday. As their skin is delicate I scooped them in small batches into a plant pot saucer with the water rather than using a net.

While I was moving the tadpoles I noticed that one small ant had managed to get in the nursery pond and was walking about on the weed trying to find a way out.


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