Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Greenfinch Family

Since the outbreak of finch trichomonad parasite disease last year it has been a rare treat to see a Greenfinch in the garden. Yesterday it was a pleasant surprise to see a family at the seed feeder. The youngster, bottom left, was already able to feed itself.

Greenfinch Family


  1. The colour of greenfinches always reminds me of a jar of olives! Perhaps they should be called 'olive finches'.

  2. I'm so bad at recognising what birds are which. So I love to follow your daily post, and realise that the beautiful green bird in my garden is a green finch and could be quite rare! Thankyou.

  3. Great that you are seeing them and that they have fledged a young one successfully!


  4. That is good news, John! I don't think there have been as many Greenfinches as usual in my garden this year.

  5. Hello Gerry. It has taken me a year or so to recognise the regular visitors to the garden but out in the countryside I am hopeless.

    Maybe your area was also affected by the finch disease as well a hard winter. I had lots last year but that is the only ones I have seen so far this year.

  6. Hello Wilma. It is disappointing they only have one youngster, especially as they have to make up the numbers again after last year.

  7. Hello Jan. I think the hard winter also took its toll on them. I wish they had more than one youngster to help build up the numbers again.


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