Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Pond Snails (video)

I had spotted a newt in the garden pond and dashed inside to get the TZ7 to take a bit of video. By the time I got back to the pond it had disappeared but in its place was the largest Rams Horn pond snail I have seen. It was a good inch (25mm) in size. Not the best of video clips as it was beginning to get dark and the reflections on the surface of the water were hard to cut out. Next to the Rams Horn Snail were a couple of Great Pond Snails which ended up hitching a lift on the Rams Horn.

The Rams Horn was a rare sighting in my pond. This one must be a fair age by the size of it. All the pond snails are very welcome in the pond as they spend their lives munching away at the algae.


  1. Interesting piece of film, John. A bit of a congo line there! I bought rams horns from a garden centre for my small rock pool pond but have never seen them since. I've no idea if they are still there.

    Would love to see a newt in my new pond. It will be fascinating if they find it (when its built) as the gardens around afford little cover (lawn/gravel) for them to make their way here.

  2. That is the first time I've seen one for ages. I guess they spend more time under water than the Great Pond Snail which apparently floats upside down on the surface to breathe from time to time.

    I think it is pure luck if some local newts find a garden pond. Mine probably arrived many years ago when house building started on the land behind me.


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