Tuesday, 1 June 2010


It is two months since the last of the frog spawn was transferred to the nursery pond to keep any emerging tadpoles safe from the fish in the main pond. They are continuing to grow and now show well developed back legs.

Tadpoles - Back Legs

Even in the small pond they are now difficult to catch as they are more aware and observant, diving down at the slightest sign of movement.


  1. Every time I see the Tadpoles I am immediately transported back to childhood...ah the happy memories :) Your 'nursery' pond is a great idea!

    I really loved the Coal Tit video on the last post, John. Just brilliant! I think perhaps I will put some more fat treats out as I remember they attracted the Coal Tits at this time last year...of course the odds are that the Starlings won't let them get a look in :(

  2. Hello Jan. The nursery pond seems to be doing a good job.

    I have to chase the Starlings away every so often and the smaller birds immediately take advantage of a clear spell to grab a snack. Haven't seen the Coal Tits since then. Hope they are OK. I was really pleased to get a couple of bits of video of the youngster being fed.


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