Sunday, 20 June 2010


Twice a day we go walkies no matter what the weather. Unless it is raining I normally have the TZ7 with me. Here Bobby is enjoying the interesting scents down one of our favourite lanes:

From time to time I find the occasional plant of interest.


Barley ripening in the field.
A beautiful large white rose.
Perennial Sweet Peas
Large ferns in a shaded corner
?? Possibly a geranium ??

I coudn't resist taking a bit of video of the barley even though there were plenty of wild plants in the field entrance which got in on the act.

Once again, not Bobby barking but one of the vicar's noisy brutes.


  1. Lovely to see Bobby in action! What a happy boy, just trotting and sniffing. Doggy heaven!

  2. Catching up as seems to be my habit lately, John. You will see by the ridiculous time of this comment how much I am struggling to keep up at the moment :(

    I have enjoyed all the posts though. Nice to see all the birds feeding in your garden and that the Goldfinches are returning. I thought the Bumble Bee photo was stunning!

    Lovely to see the damsels too, I haven't seen many anywhere so far this time. The hog mating ritual was fascinating and just shows how valuable video footage such as yours is in showing us things we wouldn't normally be privileged to see.

    The foal pictures were really lovely and then of course there was the lovely Bobby, what a lovely boy he is.

    Louis has just been diagnosed with Laryngeal Paralysis which has, as you can imagine been a nasty shock to us. He is eleven years old but still acts like a puppy and I just hope and pray it doesn't progress too quickly...

  3. How thoughtful of Bobby to take you for a couple of walks a day! I had "Fields of Gold" (one of my favorites) playing in my head since viewing your field of barley.:) Lovely collage of plants, too.

  4. Hello Matron. Walking with Bobby is no way to exercise the heart - he has to stop and sniff every few yards. Still, it's his walk not mine so I just enjoy the views.

  5. Hello Jan. My turn to try catching up now. I was pleased to see at least five Goldfinches yesterday. At least two were juveniles.
    Fortunately bumblebees don't object when I thrust a camera a couple of inches away from them.

    Sorry to hear about Louis.Bobby sends his best wishes. Let's hope it progresses very slowly.

  6. Yes Glo. Bobby is very thoughtful that way. He hates to see me just lounging around doing nothing. The song which came to my mind on seeing the barley was 'John Barleycorn' as I used to use that in the classroom most harvest times. (Must be the Steeleye Span version though for me.)


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