Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Wanted - Hedgehog ASBO

Talk about an unprovoked attack. I think one youngster needs an ASBO banning it from coming within 2 metres of any other Hedgehog.

I am still keeping an eye on the garden pond for signs of winged life. So far I have only seen two damselflies:

A Blue-tailed Damselfly

Blue-tailed Damselfly

A Common Blue Damselfly

Common Blue Damselfly

 The few really hot days we had recently have also brought out the first of the pond lilies.

Pond Lily


  1. What a bully and even after all that it didn't go straight to the food dish! You certainly do capture some behavior that has to be seen to be believed. Great photographs -- as usual. :-)


  2. I had to look up ASBO, but an anti-social behaviour order seems to be apt for this prickly Sherman tank! It was a powerful shove that must have come as a big shock to the victim ~ even the food dish went flying!
    Amazing detail in the damselfly photos, and what a treat to see the pond lilies open.
    I was pleased to see your fruit in the previous posting ~ which had me looking closer at the garden yesterday. I took some photos but haven't uploaded them yet. Too much work to do out there!

  3. Like Wilma said, after all that shoving, he didn't even go to the food dish. lol
    Great shots of the damsels John.

  4. They certainly take me by surprise sometimes Wilma. There is obviously no love lost between those two the way the charge came right out of the blue.

  5. Sorry Glo. I forgot to explain what an ASBO is. Usually they notice when another is nearby but I think the attack was so sudden it took us all by surprise. I though the dish was going to end upside down.

    Growth certainly speeds up with the mixture of decent temperatures and rain. I have only had the small fruit trees for two years so it was great to see some fruit on them, especially the plum as I thought it would be a couple of years more before it bore fruit.

    Problem is the weeds grow even faster ;(

  6. Thank you Keith. The attack looked more like a personal vendetta than food related ;)

    Unfortunately no damsel sighting since the rain started but it is early for them here.

  7. That was remarkable, John! A proper little hooligan and did you notice how the 'victim' seemed to turn to stone for some moments afterwards? As the others have said, the attacker didn't even bother with the food tray!

    Beautiful damsel photos and lovely water lilies too.

  8. A real hooligan indeed, Jan. The same thing happened a few nights ago right on the edge of the cameras view and I could see the victim had curled in a ball, staying like that for a while before scuttling away. Did you notice how the hooligan froze when the other ran away in case it retaliated? It seems to be a long running feud between those two.

  9. Hooligan is a great name for him! Hooligan Sherman Tank in full;)

  10. As a student of animal behaviour I have been learning about the effects of testosterone on the male brain! (see my other dogblog) it looks as if that youngster wants to take on the world at the moment!


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