Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Carling Star Keeps Growing

Yesterday was the first opportunity to take a photo of Angel and Carling Star for a while. Carling Star (Fred) is growing into a handsome young stallion but still stays very close to mum.

Angel with Carling Star

I still haven't managed to make a time lapse video of a sunset. Last night there was a possibility but the colourful sky lasted less than a quarter of an hour before the clouds went back to a more normal grey.

Sunset 170810


  1. dawn here was much the same, by the time I got out it had started to drizzle.

  2. Lovely photo of the foal and mum. A really nice colouring as well on the pair of them John.

  3. Same last evening - lovely coloured cloud formation which had completely faded by the time I got outside with the camera.

  4. Thank you Roy. They are a beautiful colour.

  5. Your photo of the sunset is lovely. The ephemeral nature of the color in the sky at sunrise and sunset is one of the reasons why they are so special.

  6. They are special, Wilma, and very difficult to record on camera. I've never got a photo that really matches what the eye sees. One explanation I read pointed out that our eyes see a wider range of colours in the red (and violet) end of the spectrum than any solid state device.


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