Monday, 13 September 2010


I have a small clump of Sunflowers growing near the Birdy Bistro. They are all self set from the seeds scattered by the birds. I tend to think that all Sunflowers are much the same but here there are four different varieties with vastly different flower sizes ranging from 7 to 26cm in diameter measured across the petals.

Slideshow made using Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder which was a GiveAway of the Day a few days ago. It is always worth keeping an eye on that site as you never know what will be coming up next. They have legitimate free fully working copies of programs, a different program each day, which have to be installed and registered on the day it is available. Don't expect any really expensive spectaculars but some smaller utilities like this one are well worth trying out. I always wait a while and see what others who have downloaded and tried out the software have to say.


  1. A lovely display of sunflowers to brighten up the day. I enjoyed seeing the wood pigeons having a shower, and was amazed at the number and variety of birds that visited your waterfall. There's definitely a feeling of autumn in the air here, very similar to the weather shown on your site, although it might be slightly cooler here.

    Thanks also for adding that Giveaway of the Day to your sidebar.

  2. Hello Glo. Nothing beats a Sunflower for cheerfulness no matter what the weather. The wind chill is making it quite a bit cooler than the temperatures show at the moment. Fairly good during the day but cools down rapidly at dusk.

    Amazing how many normally squabbling birds bathe so close together without arguing.

    Partly selfish putting GOTD there - occasionally I have forgotten to look at the site and missed something I would like to have tried out. Now I can easily see what is on offer.

  3. Hi again John, my you have been busy since my last visit. I loved the cloud sequences. I also love the mood of greyscale too :-)

    That’s an interesting feature you have on your blog now with the Giveaway of the Day link. Never heard of that one. I can see very easily that it will appeal to your techy side and this could eat up your time too :-D Just spotted your reply to Glo... not selfish at all, I would do the same :-)

    I agree about the sunflowers. At a glance they can look the same. Nice slide sequence. Lol… at the wood pigeon… yours look quite pretty there. Ours look pretty rough in the rain.

    It never ceases to amaze me how busy the feeders get when it’s raining. The birdbaths seem extra popular then too. Every time there is heavy rain I can guarantee a blackbird will come and have a bath. Wow… but your waterfall looks like the Roman Baths! Lol… nice captures though. Very interesting to read of all the ways you get them.

    Enjoy the rest of your week :-D

  4. Hi Shirl,
    I think there is still a place for greyscale photographs especially where colours detract from the overall picture.

    I have had four very useful programs from the GOTD site and sometimes it is useful to read the comments and see mention of better free programs that others use.

    During the last downpour there were four male Chaffinches giving some amazing aerobatic displays as they chased each other about.

    I hope your local hedgehogs are continuing to visit. I feel a bit lost without mine.

  5. Thanks for the link!
    In my yard, the sunflowers that the birds plant always do better then what I've tried to grow! Not always the most convenient place, but I'm no less grateful for their efforts. Funny how the birds can be a better gardener then I am :)

  6. My pleasure Aunt Tina. Birds seem to have remarkably good green claws. ;)


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