Thursday, 21 October 2010

A Visiting Tree Sparrow

Through last Winter several Tree Sparrows joined the local House Sparrows visiting the feeders in the garden. They all left in the Spring to move back to the field hedgerows so yesterday was the first time I had seen one for several months. There was just one looking well fluffed out as it sat in the sunshine on a very cold morning.

Tree Sparrow 3

Tree Sparrow 2

I didn't see it come down to feed. It just sat there for several minutes watching the other birds.


  1. Beautiful shots of a smashing little bird.

  2. Oh lovely! I'm so glad they are back, (I must have put the spell on it!) hopefully you will see them more often again now. That first photo in particular is a beauty.

  3. Great to have a bird like this visit the garden John. He must have been sussing out the place, ready to report back to the rest of the gang ;)

  4. Yes Jan. I think you charmed it to appear. Not seen today but it took a while for a group to appear last year.

  5. I think you are right Keith - it was an advance scout.


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