Friday, 5 November 2010

Friday at the Flicks - Churchyard Chickens, Nestbox Preening

When I saw the chickens in the churchyard a few days ago they were not in the least bothered by our presence and carried on scratching in the deep layer of fallen leaves.

The investigations and inspections of the nestbox continue with the occasional visit from a Blue Tit which hasn't ventured inside as yet and a Great Tit which visits most days. This time it spent several minutes having a good preen in the privicy of the box.

Nothing has used the box as an overnight roost yet but a minimum of around 14C night temperatures has been very mild for the time of year recently.

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you. If you are celebrating Guy Fawkes night then please spare a thought for all domestic and wildlife as many pets are terrified of loud noises and various animals may be using a bonfire as a shelter. Some good advice can be found on the RSPB site HERE.


  1. Very peaceful things to have around are hens. Grand watching them.

  2. I had to smile at that Great Tit John. Certainly enjoyed his privacy in there.

  3. Those are anyway, Adrian. They don't flap about like many of the others.

  4. Hello Keith. It was having a good old preen in there.

  5. "Chickens in the Churchyard" is a perfect title for a catchy song, don't you think? ;) Perhaps one created from scratch!

    And I do think a little sign is in order for the nest box:
    When you set about to preen,
    Remember this: You can be seen!

    Great videos :)

  6. Fascinating to watch chickens scratching around, there must be a few insects under those fallen leaves. I hadn't really thought that tits would use a titbox for roosting at other times of the year as well as Spring. I wonder if my 'Large Brown Tit' will come back? ;-)


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