Friday, 19 November 2010

Friday at the Flicks - Wren, Wood Pigeon, Blackbirds and Apples

Most days I spot the Wren exploring the shady parts of the garden but it rarely stays in sight long enough to get some video clips.The other day I got lucky.

Under the seed feeder I have a large tray to catch any seed which falls. After one night's rain the seed was under water but that didn't put off one Wood Pigeon from having a good breakfast.

The Blackbirds continue to enjoy a piece of apple from time to time. They seem to prefer to wait for the apple to go brown and soft before tucking in.

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you. For those following the progress of the nestbox - the Great Tit continues to use it as a roost every night.


  1. Good shots of the wren. Frustrating little blighters.

  2. PS, could you ask Bobby to keep his voice down. He set my two off, chaos as they tore round the van looking for him.

  3. Thank you Adrian. The Wren never seems to stand still. Even worse than the Long Tailed Tits for that.

    Bobby says he just wanted to make sure they were awake and out of bed. Hope you didn't have any camera straps dangling over the table.

  4. Hi John: What nice movies; I do look forward to your Friday offerings. Wrens are devils to photograph.

    I was thinking of buying a videocam as you know but am now decided on one of the new Panasonic Lumix FZ100's, a more highly spec'd version of my much-loved FZ28. It has a full HD moview ability too so I'll hopefully have the best of both worlds. It also takes a stereo microphone on the hot shoe so I will be able to try making little movies with sound too. Would be interested to know what video editing software you advise.

  5. I love seeing your Friday videos John.
    Good to see the birds enjoying a hearty meal; even though some of it looks a little yucky lol

  6. Lovely to see the Wren John, they are such skulking little birds :)

    Those Wood Pigeons will go to any lengths, I have even seen them in the water at Draycote! I too use what I call 'catcher trays' under my feeders which are really large plastic plant pot saucers and have pierced some small holes into them because they used to get waterlogged, it seems to help.

    I pushed some of my fallen apples onto tree branches yesterday in the vain hope of attracting a Waxwing :)

  7. Thank you Emma.

    From the review I looked at the TZ100 looks a grand camera.

    I use Corel Video Studio X3. It does virtually everything I want. Probably everything if I keep experimenting. You can download a 30 day fully functional trial from the Corel site if you want to try it out once you have your new camera.

    Panasonic have a program but I don't know if it will come with the TZ100.

    BTW I don't use the HD quality of the TZ7 but the next choice down. I find that is still very good quality and gives smaller file sizes.

    I am sure you will really enjoy using the TZ100 with its 24x optical zoom and macro down to 1cm.

  8. Hello Keith. I think video is a great way to observe and study bird behaviour. I wish my camcorders had a way I could automate them as I do with the Canon from time to time.

  9. Hello Jan. Yes, Wrens are a real challenge to photo or video. They are always on the move and invariably in the shadows.

    Good luck with your Waxwing 'magnets'. I hope you manage to attract a few.


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