Thursday, 16 December 2010

Even a Raptor Has to Eat

Just went through to the kitchen to heat up yet another mug of cold tea in the microwave when I spotted a Sparrowhawk in the middle of the garden. It had managed to catch a Starling. Dashed to grab the camera and standing near the back of the kitchen photographing through a window covered with raindrops I managed a few murky shots.

Sparrowhawk and Starling

I will admit I was relieved when the hawk noticed me and flew off with its prey.


  1. Brilliant John. A rare sight and well captured.

  2. It was rare for the Sparrowhawk to hang around for so long Adrian. It, or another, dived through the garden less than half an hour later. Now the smaller birds are more edgy than ever.

  3. Always a sad sight to see, but really, no different to a Blackbird with a worm. Like you say John, even a raptor has to eat.
    A good catch.

  4. It is Keith. I was fortunate that it stayed for so long before making off with its elevenses.


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