Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Mini Ice Sculpture in the Garden

I leave the pond pump running all year, that is until it freezes up which it does in really cold weather. The water is pumped through an imitation hand water pump and returns to the pond down the mini waterfall. I check it each day this weather to see whether it is still flowing. From a distance yesterday it looked as though it had frozen. When I went closer I saw the water was still flowing but was falling through a ring of ice above the waterfall.

Water Flowing Through Ice

I tried taking a few photographs but none could really show the effect so I took a short piece of video.

As there are frozen splashes of water around the area I guess the scattered water has been freezing while the larger birds have been bathing in the pool at the top of the waterfall.

A bit on the chilly side this morning. -8.1C when we went for our early morning constitutional.


  1. That is clever. Very effective, can't say I'd want a bath in it though.

  2. It seemed so unusual, Adrian, the way ice had formed round the running water.

  3. That was very effective. This weather certainly is producing a variety of unusual sights. We had freezing fog all day yesterday. Today, contrary to the weather forecast which was for fog again, we have lovely sunshine but icy temperatures.

    I am all behind again but have just caught up with the last few posts. Your snowy garden photos on Friday were really pretty, you could make your own Christmas cards with those :)

    It was lovely to see the Tree Sparrow on Saturday's video.

    By the way, three or four times lately while on your site I have without warning found myself transferred to something called Web ring Nature Diaries, when it first happened I thought perhaps I had inadvertently clicked on something in your sidebar although I really didn't think I had but this time I was just about to post this comment when everything disappeared and I was faced with the Nature Diaries page again which as you can imagine was rather annoying! I wondered if this has happened with anyone else.

  4. Now that was amazing ! thankyou for the post!

  5. The video was a great idea to show the ice sculpture and running water. What a wonderful wintry waterfall!

  6. Hello Jan. Sorry you are having difficulty accessing the comments. I can't work out what is causing the problem. The link for the Nature Diaries Webring is right at the bottom of the page. I have tried with three different browsers and can't reproduce the problem and I can't see any spurious code in the wrong place. I'll ask in my next post to see if anyone else is having similar difficulties.

  7. My pleasure Gerry. I still can't work out how water freezes round running water like that. It must have taken days without me noticing.

  8. Hello Glo. The still photos made the water look more like an icicle so a video clip was the only way to show it was really flowing through the ring of ice.


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