Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Bath Too Far

Spotted this Wood Pigeon a while ago. At first I couldn't work out whether it was soaking wet or had been in a fight.

Wet Pigeon

In the end I decided it was soaking wet. My thought is that it had either been very vigorous  in bathing in the waterfall on the pond or it had fallen in. Looking at it I think it had, as I have often seen, been standing on the raised edge of the pond to drink and lost its balance. Either way it took a couple of days for it to dry out completely.


  1. He doesn't want to be getting a soaking like that too often this weather. He'll freeze to death.

  2. Daft wee devil.......unkind to laugh.

  3. Hello John :) Poor old Woody, what a mess! Definitely not good to be that wet in this weather. It didn't look to impressed to have been spotted by you in such a dishevelled state either :)

    Most interesting Rook behaviour on the last post!

  4. This poor bird perfectly illustrates why I have always thought of doves and pigeons as "little-headed birds". Adrian said it perfectly. ;-)

  5. It was very funny to look at Adrian.

  6. Hello Jan. It did look a bit sorry for itself.
    The rooks fascinated me.

  7. Yes Wilma, all chest and no brain lol.


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