Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A Few Flowers to Brighten up a Dreary Winter Day

The only thing I didn't like about the 3D flash I made yesterday is that the music starts immediately on loading - something I personally dislike when I visit other web sites so I replaced it with a new one without sound.

I liked the program so much I took advantage of the offer to add, for a small remuneration, their classic flash gallery maker. This is made using one of the variety of styles from that set:

A few cheerful flowers taken over the past few years.

You can click on the thumbnails or hover over the large picture and use the arrows to change the choice of photo. The arrows under the thumbnails only work if there are lots more photos in the flash.


  1. Thanks for that John. We could certainly do with some nice colour now.

  2. We certainly could Roy. This period of grey weather is very wearing.

  3. Hi John ~ I downloaded that flash freebie yesterday, thanks, and it looks like fun. I have only tested it, but I will have another go at it soon.

    Nice to see some of your colourful flowers that will be blooming again before too long ~ I do have some winter jasmine in bloom at the front door, and one primula. It's a bit dreary around here weatherwise now ~ sun will be back though :)

  4. Beautiful flowers and a very nice post for a gray day!

  5. Hello Glo. The flash builder looks a useful addition. Nice to have different ways to display photographs - keeps the visitors on their toes ;)

  6. Hello Mick. We have had plenty of grey days recently. Awful for any photography.


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