Monday, 14 February 2011

Macro on Monday - Guess What

Congratulations to Adrian, Glo, Keith and Jan for deserving a gold star for last week's identification of a cone. Not sure from what tree as I picked it up on our perambulations.

rectangle_New-Out99999psp    P1020119

Let us see how well you get on with the new puzzle picture:
Done in a bit of a rush as I only made my mind up what to use at the last minute.

Clue: Could be a snug hide away.

No prizes for a correct identification. Just for fun.


  1. Hi John, I started off thinking this one was an old bird's nest but then thought about the scale, which is the part I find difficult on these puzzles, and have decided it could be a Sunflower which has gone to seed and which (as indicated in your clue) could provide a 'snug hideaway' for insects during the Winter.

  2. Sorry John, forgot to say how nice it was to see the Tree Sparrows on the last post.

  3. I think some sort of spiders web/home.
    Hmm, no star this week I fear lol

  4. John I haven't a clue.........a cocoon of something.

  5. Happy Valentine's Day, John! To me this looks like a dried husky flower like a chrysanthemum. Did you trim it a bit on the right or was it broken or nibbled? (not by you, of course ;))

  6. Changed my mind ... after all this is a macro shot, so I have decided it might be a little cornflower or something of that ilk :)


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