Thursday, 3 March 2011

Hungry Hedgehog

H continues to visit the feeding area several times every night. This from one of last night's captures from the video camera:

At the moment s/he has all the food to itself as I haven't seen any others about. The dish has kibbled peanut, crushed unsalted peanuts and dried raisins. Also available is a dish of water.

The Great Tit continues to use the nest box as a roost every night and most days I spot both birds making a brief visit during daylight hours.


  1. One happy Hedgehog John! If it is as cold there as it is here I should think it will go back into hibernation, actually it does seem quite early to be out of hibernation anyway.

  2. Hi John, lovely little video! I haven`t seen any sign of our hedgehogs returning yet, I am putting out dried mealworms though, just in case!
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  3. Hello Jan. I am sure it is as cold here. Just 3C at 2pm when we went for our walk. Looking round the 'net it seems early March can be a starting point for them to wake though it does seem a tad on the cold side to me.

    I see that Twosie has had one visiting recently:

  4. Thank you John. Over the past couple of years I have tried to improve the results from that camera. H took me by surprise as I wasn't expecting to see any before the end of the month.

  5. John you are good at this.
    I'm thinking of remote badger shots. I know of a big sett. Is flash harmful? The best owl pictures use flash but I am wary.........could blind the poor mights.

  6. Flatter you are Adrian.

    This looks a useful site to answer you question

  7. Hi John, yes, your hedgie certainly looks to be enjoying all the food you put out.

    A second one has turned up tonight here. They really have started to emerge really early this year.

  8. Hello Twosie. I see from searching the 'net that it is not unknown for some to be up and about in early March though it is far from being warm here.


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