Sunday, 13 March 2011

Yellow Flowers in Lincolnshire Yellowbelly County

On our walkabout yesterday I was struck by how many of the early flowers were yellow.


As for why folk from Lincolnshire are called yellowbellies, that seems to have been lost in time. There are several possible derivations listed on Wikipedia HERE.


  1. Beautiful flower photos John. I love yellow flowers they look so cheerful especially after a long dark Winter.

    What a long list of possible derivations for 'yellowbellies' I thought the malaria one sounded pretty convincing, what a shame we will never know for sure.

    John, I thought your previous post was fascinating and I actually understood it ;) I think the program might have been useful for some of my recent, distant shots at Draycote. I am going to have another look at your link now.

  2. EE BY GUM! You are way ahead of us up here. Phil Gates did a post not on yellow flowers but green ones. I can't find it but they seem to be the first. Crocus come in all colours now and passing through Darlington the roundabouts were a picture. A veritable blaze of colour.
    Yellow Bellies I always thought referred to regimental colours. Some of the other suggestions have considerably more appeal!

  3. Hello Jan. A nice sunny yellow / orange always looks so cheerful.

    Have fun experimenting. For the duck photo I marked the ducks, reduced the width, then reduced the height. As the program reduced the water more than the trees on the height adjustment I then unmarked the ducks, drew a box right round the water and reduced the height again which forced it to work on the trees.

  4. Yes Adrian, there are quite a few colours in the crocus now but overall yell predominates at the moment.

    I prefer the idea of the yellow regimental waistcoat. It makes more sense to me.

  5. Now those are bright spots of sunshine to cheer up the day! I have found that yellow flowers often have a stronger fragrance as well.


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