Saturday, 7 May 2011

Now we are Four

It looks like one egg a day for the Great Tit in the nest box as the total has now reached four.

Snapshot from the video:

Four Great Tit Eggs


  1. Hello John, I have just enjoyed 'Friday at the Flicks' and the video on this post. What excellent news! It is lovely to be able to follow the progress. I do hope all goes well.

  2. your perseverance is paying dividends.......let's just hope she manages to incubate them.

  3. Things are coming along nicely thanks to your perseverance. Lets hope they continue to do so.

  4. I'm slowly catching up John, and what great news here.
    So good to see the private and often unseen lives of our native birds.

  5. I've never really thought about the timeline of when eggs are laid, so its really interesting to find out, and great to see that there are date!

  6. I find the observations fascinating Keith.


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