Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Song Thrush

This morning's video feed from the Great Tit nest box was reasonably successful. Once again some people get straight on to the video stream and others seem to have a problem. I don't know enough about the finer workings of the system to work out why as yet. If you do have a problem it may help if you refresh the page after a few seconds to give the system a kick start.

A couple of days ago a Song Thrush rested a while on my fence and stayed long enough for a few shots. It did start to sing but even though I tried to set up the video camera inside the partially closed door as soon as I hit the record button the bird flew away.

Song Thrush

All being well I do have some video taken several days ago when a Song Thrush was singing so, with luck, that will be available on Friday.


  1. Unfortunately I missed the live streaming session this morning, glad it is working well though.

    Congratulations on the Linnet John (on the earlier post) an excellent bird sighting for the garden! I have seen some while out and about (always females) but never in the garden and I doubt I ever will.

    Lovely thrush photo too. I love their song, it sounds comical to me and always makes me smile.

  2. The Thrush is a perfect shot John.

  3. Hello Jan. Sorry you missed the live session. There will be other days to catch the action.
    You can never say a singing Thrush is boring as they have such a wide range, always a pleasure to listen to.

  4. Thank you Roy. I kept hoping it would turn round, but no such luck.


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