Friday, 10 June 2011

Friday at the Flicks -- STOP PRESS - All Fledged

I could see how restless a couple of the Great Tit babies were getting this morning so I thought today might be the day when they flew the nest. They didn't pick a great day what with the rain and thunder here but they all made it to the wide, wild world.  I didn't notice until it was too late that the second clip in the video was recorded at a fast rate. I slowed it down but it became a bit on the jerky side.

As it was raining I only managed to get a few shots of number three at the entrance hole. I did see number two fly but it was too fast for me.

Baby Great Tit 1   Baby Great Tit 2

I hope to see them around the garden in the near future.


  1. Brilliant John!
    You have to admire their courage, leaping off into the unknown like that. Let's hope they all survive out there, and make frequent visits to your garden.
    I've really enjoyed all these updates, videos and live feeds.

  2. It has been great, and an education, to watch them grow Keith.

    Now I can use my shed again. I've refrained from sawing and hammering as the box is fixed to the back of the shed. Also I've no excuse not to attack the mass of weeds near the box ;)

  3. You deserve a medal for this John. Unique footage and all from a garden shed. You definitely got ROUND TUIT. Many, many thanks and here's to a second brood.

  4. Hi John, it was so lovely to see the 2 sides - the view from inside the nest with the babies getting ready to leave and also the view from outside. We think you might start to suffer from empty nest syndrome in the coming days, although we feel sure they will be staying very close by to come and feed at the bistro.

    We also loved the baby blue tit in your previous clip as well. So sweet. It was gas to see the other much bigger birds come nearby, but he held his own and wasn't frightened.

  5. Just fabulous, John! Can you imagine what is in the minds of those fledglings as they look out at the wild world and make that leap ... What daring and confidence and trust. Amazing. We poor humans can learn so much. Thanks for getting this out for us to witness.

    (still can't do comments as myself)

  6. Excellent John! I have enjoyed following them so much, thank you for sharing their journey with us. What a scary leap of faith it must be for each of them.

  7. That was wonderful John! I was willing that last one to just go for it!

  8. And the babies got Round Tuit Adrian ;)

  9. You are correct Twosie. I am definitely suffering empty nest syndrome. It is quit a loss after watching all the activity.

    The baby Blue Tit certainly wasn't going to let the bigger bids put it off eating.

  10. My pleasure Wilma. I have really enjoyed being able to watch them from egg to fledgeling and was pleased to be able to share some of the action with others.

  11. Hello Jan. It's a good job the nearest large bush is only a few feet from the box. Pity it wasn't a nicer day for their first flight.

  12. So was I Matron. The last one was ages behind the rest and looked really forlorn and lost all by itself. At least one of the parents came back to feed it in the nest until it made the first leap to freedom.

  13. Hi again John. I just thought I would pop back again as I have just solved a two year old mystery :) Do you remember that you mentioned you had found a dead Mole with no sign of injury? Well I saw the same thing on a blog today and apparently when the ground is hard, unless Moles can find the same hole to re-enter the soil they find it impossible to dig their way back into the hard ground and then get stranded on the surface and eventually die!

    I thought of your post as soon as I read it and thought you might find it an interesting explanation.

  14. Late commenting here, but I did see them taking flight on your blog on the very day! Whew ~ that was amazing to be able to see their little lives right from the word go. Thanks for all of your work sharing the experience with us.

    Glad you enjoyed my eagle post ~ and you're right...the patrons of your Birdy Bistro would be scattered to the four winds if one of them came in the vicinity! Bald eagles and the ocean are a much better combination!


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