Thursday, 23 June 2011

Juveniles - Great Spotted Woodpecker and House Sparrow

A few days ago when I looked at John's site (Hedgeland Tales) and read about the Great Spotted Woodpecker I left a comment that I had only seen one in my garden, at least a year ago and only a quick glimpse. Well - an hour or so later you could have knocked me down with a feather. From my kitchen window I can see the top of a telephone pole which is just past the end of my garden. There are foot rests near the top for workmen to rest on and I saw a bird fly to one of those. Most birds will land on the metal bracket but this bird landed on the wooden pole. Gradually it made its way to the top and stayed long enough for me to get my second look at a Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Juvenile Great spotted Woodpecker 2

Juvenile Great spotted Woodpecker 1

Update: My thanks to Adrian and Jan for pointing out that this was a female not a juvenile. I must learn to turn the music volume down when trying to identify things, maybe I'll concentrate then!

From time to time some of the seed scattered from the feeders self sets like this corn. Some I let grow to see if any birds will eat the seeds. This morning it was an adventurous juvenile House Sparrow which decided to investigate it.

Juvenile House Sparrow 1

Juvenile House Sparrow 2

You can make out the 'baby' yellow at the back of the beak, especially in the first photo.


  1. Fantastic bird.......well spotted!!
    It may be a female as they don't have the red cap.

  2. Adrian beat me to it there. I think it is a female as they lack the red on the back of the head and juveniles have a red crown. A great sighting John! Coincidentally, I have a very similar photo coming up on my next post :)

    Love those juvenile House Sparrows. I have had the corn growing in my garden too!

  3. You are correct Adrian - duly amended.

  4. OK Jan. I know when I'm outnumbered. Thanks for the correction.
    It ended up with three sparrows on the corn but I couldn't get then all in focus otherwise it would have made a good group shot.

  5. I saw a Great Spotted Woodpecker earlier this year that landed on a pole exactly as you describe. He then took a few steps up the pole and hammered away furiously at a metal sign on the pole, creating an amazing din but probably not doing his beak much good.

  6. Brilliant John, what's so great about this visit was the timing. A real treat to see from your garden. I can safely safe its not a likely visitor in my garden. No poles or mature trees here. Hope you get more sightings. Love that last sparrow pic too

  7. Hello John. They must have a good shock absorbing system!

  8. Hello Shirl. If chuntering about not seeing certain birds makes them appear I must have a moan more often ;)

    I was pleased with the last sparrow photo.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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