Saturday, 4 June 2011

Wing Exercises, Stock Dove, Making Hay While the Sun Shines

Now the Great Tit chicks are fifteen days old they are often seen preening their wing feathers and having a good flap in the nest as they prepare for the day when they leave the security of the nest box.

Regular visitors to the garden are several Stock Doves, easily recognised by the iridescent neck feathers which glint in the sunlight as though they were made of coloured foil.

Stock Dove 3

Stock Dove 2

Stock Dove 1

During our afternoon stroll round the village I noticed that one field had been harvested and the remaining cut stalks were being made into those enormous round bales which can be seen stored in many fields in the county. This was the first time I had watched the machinery used to make the bales. The video is a bit noisy with the breezy conditions and a bit wobbly as the TZ7 was hand held on full zoom with the action taking place on the far side of the field.


  1. Those Great Tits are really coming on now John.

  2. I was looking down the net when I got passed your blog.
    Cute little tits.
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  3. I always think of the breakfast cereal shredded wheat when I see those big bales of straw. Come to think of it, those bales are probably a bit tastier!

  4. Very interesting piece of video with the machine turning out those round straw bales. Out here we also get cane straw made into those big round bales. I don't think there's much nutrition (if any!) in that for animals but it is much in demand for mulch for gardens. Summer heat out here dries out the bare earth in garden beds so much that is it necessary to cover it with mulch in order to retain moisture.

  5. The Great Tits are really coming on now! They clearly have quite a lot of strength in those wings.

  6. They are growing really fast Keith.

  7. Thank you for visiting and you kind comment Cyrus.

  8. Mick: Mulch is being used more and more here as the Summers get drier. One of the favourites round here is tree bark chippings.

  9. They really are growing fast Jan. Can't be too long now before their first flight.

  10. I love, I so like this post. I stumbled on your blog looking for something to entertain myself and now, I am really fascinated with these birds called tits.
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