Friday, 29 July 2011

Friday at the Flicks - Early Morning Corvids, Young Blue Tits, Hay Making

Long before I get up in the morning there are many birds visiting the Birdy Bistro. At the moment there are several young Crows and Jackdaws with the occasional Magpie:

When the young Blue Tits visited earlier in the week I was able to take some video of them as they helped themselves to the peanuts.

On yesterday afternoons walkabout there were scores of seagulls over the built up part of the village. They were there for well over an hour but I didn't see them visit any of the fields which is where they are usually found. We ambled across to lane which divides two fields to see if there were any gulls there. No gulls but the farm workers were busy gathering hay the modern mechanised way. The crop had already been cut. First the fallen hay stalks were raised up so the bailer could easily do its work. Then the bales were loaded on to trailers to take back to the storage area.

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you.


  1. The corvids are always fascinating to watch aren't they, John? A nice capture there of the juvs - like the music track choice too :-)

    We've been seeing the juv Blue tits arrive at the feeders too. Although the mix of the black sunflower seeds with the normal ones isn't going down too well - ran out of the normal. Must get more today and get all feeders washed and filled up again for the weekend. Wishing you a good one :-)

    BTW instant thoughts on your tractor video was it would be fun to see footage like this backwards ;-)

  2. Looks a good crop.........he didn't seem to have to run far for a bale.
    I see you still have the odd belligerent pigeon.

  3. Hello Shirl. I'm 'into' Tecktonik and Jumpstyle music at the moment and it seemed reasonably appropriate.
    The BTs are virtually the only birds showing interest in the peanuts these days.

    Now a reversed video is a thought!

    Hope you and yours are keeping well.

  4. Adrian: When I saw the crop growing last week I thought it wasn't producing much in the way of seed so I guessed it was for animal feed.

    Certain pigeons are very 'dog in the manger' types and will often guard a pile of seed though they are too full to eat. They don't stand much chance against determined corvids.

  5. Never seen so many Jackdaws in one spot before John. Great video clip.

  6. Plenty of activity around the feeders John. I noticed 20 House Sparrows lurking in a neighbours tree today so I guess the feeders are going to be emptied very smartly! Have a good weekend.

  7. I've always wondered how those big rolls of shredded wheat are made! You've given this sheltered city girl quite a thrill this morning. Just like a big, red mechanical chicken laying an egg.

  8. Keith: They do seem to have been breeding well this year.

  9. There is Frank. Plenty of House Sparrows here also. Seems to have been a good breeding season all round this year.


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