Sunday, 31 July 2011

Preparing for the Next Brood

As it has been quite a while since the Great Tits fledged and there has been no more activity seen in the camera nest box I decided it was time to clean it out.

The box conveniently has removable panels at the front which makes cleaning a doddle.


The nest wasn't as high as I had imagined though it was probably compressed towards the end with the weight of two adults and four youngsters. The camera can just be seen at the top of the box.


The nest and the bottom of the box were alive with fleas and mites so it was as well to dispose of it.


Hidden well under the moss was one of the two eggs which didn't hatch.


The box was brushed out and then sprayed with Ark-Klens. That was left to dry for an hour and then the box wiped out with kitchen tissues. Once the front panels were re attached the box was ready for any prospective roosters or nest builders.


  1. EEE! You do spoil them.......just as well. It was a great series. I wonder if it smells of IZAL might it put them off?

  2. Good bit of spring cleaning John.

  3. Adrian: It's specially made for cleaning aviaries and feeders and seems to be odourless.


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