Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wings for Wednesday

It has been abysmal lighting conditions here for photography for most of the past couple of weeks or so. Thick dark clouds have meant having to up the ISO rating to Winter levels so may recent photos are very grainy. This is a pity as so many young birds have been visiting the garden recently.

Amongst the corvids visiting have been this young Magpie
Juvenile Magpie

and for the first time Carrion Crows.
Juvenile Crow

Great to see a group of young Blue Tits regularly visiting the nut feeder:
Juvenile Blue Tits

Of course there have been plenty of young Starlings about:
Juvenile Starling

I haven't spotted any young Goldfinches as yet but there are about five adult regulars:


  1. I have seen plenty of young Blue Tits John, but Crows as yet.

  2. Great series John; especially that goldy.

  3. Not a bad shot here but I really have to say the Starling is my favourite.

  4. Hello Roy. The Crows seem to have replaced the Rooks in the garden.

  5. Thank you Keith. One reason I leave some weeds around - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

  6. It looks a poor lost soul Adrian. The youngsters of all types look that way for the first few days.

  7. Sorry to hear the weather isn't cooperating, however you'd never know it by your terrific bird shots. The young starling is rather endearing :)

    You were asking about the weather here on the west coast. Luckily, we have not had the overwhelming heat that is being experienced back east. In fact, it's been one of our cooler wetter summers, with the odd summer day thrown in. Some positive outcomes: less watering needed, less forest fires... Pleasant enough, though.

  8. The weather is very much up and down Glo. At least the rain is mainly at night for the moment.


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