Thursday, 11 August 2011

Pop Goes the Colour

Some time ago Adrian explained how to colour pop on the PC. Today I happened to come across Color Splash, an app for the iPad which does the job so easily I couldn't resist investing the £1.50 or so. In fact it was more trouble finding out how to transfer the results from the iPad to the PC than it was to go a popping.







It took well under an hour to achieve the above results, including the time to download and install the app and searching for help to transfer the results to the PC. No other processing was used and no wildlife was harmed in the process.


  1. Cracking results John.
    I especially like that Tortoiseshell.

  2. It is Roy. The app loads a pic, changes it to greyscale and, in essence, all the user has to do is paint over with a finger where the colour is to be restored.

  3. Thanks Keith. It has its uses. My favourite of those is Fred, the horse, as it seems to give a 3D type effect. Sometimes it's nice to get rid of the background colour.

  4. Very nice effect, John. It brings attention to the subject without introducing anything artificial.

  5. It's done a grand job, I'm very impressed.

  6. That's what I like about it Wilma.

  7. Adrian: I suppose it is not true colour popping as I can't choose a colour to pop, just an area of the photo. Though with some time and effort it would be possible to work on small areas of the same colour.


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