Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wings on Wednesday

There are often light aircraft flying near or over the village, especially at weekends. A very distinctive one I have seen several times over the past few years is this Pitts S1-C amateur build biplane.

Pitts S-1C Special 1

A very smart looking aeroplane designed for aerobatics. I see, from looking round the net, that at one stage it had been rebuilt as a seven year project and was on sale for £26,000

Back nearer earth sees the return of Jackdaws. They had been missing for a couple of months but are now back attacking the bread I put out for the corvids.

Raining Breadcrumbs

They don't stay for long when they notice anyone watching.

Jackdaw Take Off


  1. Brilliant wings today........The first and last are great.

  2. Two very different sets of wings! That red biplane is very eye-catching against the blue sky - but - I think I prefer the Jackdaw taking off!

  3. Thank you Adrian. Pure luck on the last one as it was just launching from the feeder as I started to take the shot.

  4. I agree with you Mick. The wildlife one is more interesting to me.


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