Friday, 9 December 2011

Friday at the Flicks - Hoverfly - Garden Pond

There has been little opportunity to video anything new this past week so I had a look through some old videos that I haven't used yet.  The first was shot in October 2009 when Hoverflies were showing great interest in the Ivy flowers.

The second is a view of my pond. This was never meant to be a public video. In March last year I got it into my head to attempt to build a 'steady cam' as the commercial ones seem so expensive. The idea is that the camera is mounted under a universal joint which, with counterbalance weights, is supposed to keep the camera view steady as the operator moves. I think I can claim it was partially successful. I tested it out as I walked up and down beside my garden pond.

The idea was to improve the design this past Summer but, as usual, that got buried on the Round Tuit pile.
The pond is just a large rectangular shape and very shallow as it was originally designed for testing radio controlled boats. That didn't last very long and I have been lucky that, with addition of pond plants, it has matured and attracts a variety of wildlife which includes, frogs, newts, damselflies and dragonflies.

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you.


  1. Good Hoverfly video. The Steady cam works fine at the speed you and I move at.

  2. I think the "steady cam" worked wonderfully well; very impressive! You constantly amaze and inspire me.


  3. Thank you Adrian. As the camera was moving sideways even a small camcorder swings a bit with air pressure unfortunately.

  4. Thank you Wilma. I have to keep finding things to experiment with or I would just sit about and vegetate.


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