Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wings on Wednesday

I had taken to scattering a few peanuts around the bottom of the garden for the Pheasant, which I haven't seen for a couple of days. I did think a Grey Squirrel might come in and bury some of them but I had forgotten something. It's not only squirrels which stash food away for harder times, so do Magpies.

Magpie 4


  1. I hope the pheasant has survived all the shooting. I have seen all the crows hiding food. I don't know whether they ever find it again.

  2. Let's hope the Pheasant has survived any shooting John.
    I loved watching the Crows burying food last year at my local lake.
    It was usually bread lol

  3. I think so Adrian as it was back again this afternoon.

  4. Looks as though it has Keith. Back again today.


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